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About Us

What We’re About

Salutations gentlefolk and ladypieces,

Welcome One and All to the heterogeneous world of Jugglez. Feast your eyes upon our all new and magnificent technological wonderment. Be amazed by the unmistakable and extravagant use of googleable language…

Jugglez Club is Medway’s finest juggling and circus skills workshop. It is held on Fridays at Rainham School For Girls, Rainham, Kent and can be attended by anyone as all ages and abilities are welcomed. The club runs from 8:00pm – 10:00pm and our current dates are:

2019 Club Dates

Jan 25th.
Feb 22nd.
Mar 22nd.
Apr 26th.
May 24th.
Jun 28th.
Jul 26th.
Aug 23rd.
Sep 27th.
Oct 25th.
Nov 22nd.
Dec 20th.

What Fun To Be Had?

Jugglez offers a range of circus skills for you to learn including: juggling, poi, diablo, unicycling, devil sticks, stilt-walking, plate-spinning and much more. You can learn as many of these skills as you like, at your own pace, with our experienced instructors. We look forward to others teaching us new tricks and skills.

Meet The Founders

Our instructors have been involved with community-based circus projects for many years. Here’s what they have to say about themselves and Jugglez.

Meet the not so world famous but definitely prestigious quadruple hurler Pat:

“Alright mucka, Pat here…. Been doing this stuff for ages but as you let time go by without keeping on top, things slip away. Since founding Jugglez I’ve got back on top of my circus side and can now competently drop things without flinching. Keep on meeting more weirdos through this thing but it keeps me unbalanced so can’t complain.”

Marvel at the surreal yet hospitable wooden limbed wielder of weapons, Trudy:

“Hi, I’m Trudy another founder of this club and I have the honour of being the sane one around here (this week). I’ve been swinging and twirling for years now and thought I might as well put this pastime to good use. Jugglez gives me the chance to progress at last and the space to walk tall, really tall, unfortunately the rolla bola has other ideas and keeps me on the ground – Ouch. They’re all loonies, I need some help here, PLEASE!!!!”

Gasp at the grace and quasi-telekinetic powers of juggling Jedi Padawan, Sam:

“Its now been a few years since I joined the cult that is Jugglez!!! So far I have led and survived several suicide missions and other such galavantries. I’m now a fully fledged Jedi juggler who can manipulate balls better than most self obsessed men!! The force is strong in me but i am still yet a Padawan disciple to the likes of Yoda, the starship juggling world champion. I am the club’s secretary (we love this secretary ‘cos she does stuff) and training to be a greatest hula girl in the whole wide Medway towns. ”

Be dazzled by the dexterity of the elongated quintuple pitching curiosity that is Steve:

“Longshanks here, I’ve not been doing much for many years other than rooting through bins. Since finding the joy of playing with my balls and founding Jugglez, I’ve learnt to play with my balls most efficiently and can even do some other stuff. Don’t think much of the company but mustn’t grumble as they have kept me intrigued and motivated. Met new people and keep meeting more. Some day I’ll show them the better bins in this dive but until then, they’ll have to wait. Open tours available soon…”

Don’t take our word for it. Find out what our members have to say about Jugglez.

Our Constitution, Legal And Health & Safety

Jugglez is a community-based circus workshop for all ages and abilities. We actively encourage children and adults from all walks of life who are both able-bodied and disabled to join in, meet new people and learn new skills. We aim to raise levels of physical fitness and mental dexterity to help build a healthier, happier community in Medway. Our constitution can be downloaded here

Jugglez always puts safety first. Our instructors are experienced and adhere to strict health and safety guidelines at all Jugglez events. Our full policies and guidelines can be downloaded below:

Fireclub Safety Rules & Terms

Adult & Child Fireclub Consent Forms

Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults

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