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Rochester Promo Day

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! We had a fantabulous day in Rochester recently to promote Jugglez and draw in new recruits. The good town folk made for a great audience and club members did a sterling job of handing out club flyers and engaging with the crowds, in particular Kyra who won their hearts. A special thank you goes out to the Rochester Town Crier who made a valiant effort of supporting our resident crazy clowning duo, Norris and Toonarf in an impromptu street performance. Thank you Sir, you are a star.

A Fond Farewell

After four great years, Alison our faithful tuck lady has had to move on. We will miss her entrepreneurial skills in raising money for the club, her muffins were legendary and her enthusiasm unquestionable. Sadly her boys have elected for a different club (there are other clubs?!) So, with a lump in our throats and a tear in our eyes, we wave them adieu and wish them well.

Farewell Alison, there is nothing but chaos where once you reigned. Where once full, our cups runneth empty. Our tucker is now out of luck. Our buns are now fruitless. Our desserts, deserted. (Our bad puns are seemingly limitless, however…)

Coffee and tea services have been suspended until further notice.

Strood Fun Day

We had a wonderful day at Strood Youth Centre, Montfort Road on the 18th July. We had a great turnout with lots of people joining in and trying new things. Amongst the activities on offer were rocket workshops and even a human fruit machine. Plenty to suit all ages and abilities. We really enjoyed the day and it was lovely to meet so many new faces with such a great community spirit. We look forward to visiting Strood again in the not so distant future!

Comic Relief

Giggled, we nearly burst this Comic Relief with cakes, a ridiculous raffle, fancy dress, games and circus activities galore! And we raised a stellar £50 for good causes to boot, which was truly the icing on the cake. Marvellous!


One crazy annual Jugglez club jaunt is to the Hat Fair in Winchester, which is always a madly fun day out for our members and this year was no exception. The Hat Fair is Britain's longest running festival of street theatre and outdoor arts - taking place in Winchester in July every year. This year the sun blazed as we watched a fantastic variety of acts including: Bongo Bolero’s death defying feats, Bram Graafland as the ‘The Yelling Kitchenprince’ and Leapin’ Louie Lichtenstein, master of physical comedy, trick roping, fancy whip cracking, juggling and unicycling.

The Hat Fair not only provides a wonderful day’s entertainment but also give us all the opportunity to see how circus skills can be transformed into amazing, crowd-pleasing performances by professional artists - a real inspiration for those Jugglez club members who plan to put on their own entertainment extravaganza sometime in the not so distant future.

So a big round of applause to all the acts and ‘hats off’ to the Jugglez team who organised and ran the outing this year. It truly was a crazy good day out!

The club celebrates a great day before heading home to Medway after the Winchester Hat Fair.

May Summer Session Success!

Jugglez were proud to present yet another stupendous sunshine-soaked summer session at Riverside Country Park this May (ah ye Gods shine down upon us!) A fabulous turn out meant we were kept on our toes throughout the entire afternoon, teaching the good folk of Medway all manner of circus tomfoolery, from the tightrope to the unicycle.

In fact we had such a fantastic time we can hardly wait for the next summer session at the end of August, when we'll be out and about in Rochester Castle Gardens, imparting our circus skills to all interested parties with great dexterity and enthusiasm. So put the date in your diaries and we look forward to seeing you there!

Next summer session is on 24th August 2013 at Rochester Castle Gardens.

Fun for all ages and abilities at the May Summer Session

Extended Session For Our 100th Club

On October 21st we will celebrate the 100th club since Jugglez began with a special extended session for three hours starting at 7:30pm. Come along and join in with the fun, we’re looking forward to the poi party!

Summer Session 2012

What can we say, the ‘forces that be’ granted us beautiful weather again for the third year running and we are very grateful – gave us a chance to top-up the tans! What a fantastic day though, plenty of people of all ages turned out to enjoy the free event and with lots of ice cream and lollies on hand it was sure to be sticky.

Jugglez members and helpers had the chance to share their skills and knowledge with the general public and some of them demonstrated how to juggle too. We’d like to thank Becky and all the staff at Riverside Country Park for their continued support in allowing us to stage this event at their magnificent park, THANK YOU.

We’d also like to thank all the club members for coming down and helping out on the day, “many hands make light work”.

Why don’t you check out the photographs of the session on the Jugglez Flickr site, on the Gallery page? Hope you enjoy them, here’s one to get you going!

New Place

We started this New Year in a new special facility which is four times the size of our last wonderful establishing venue. So far we have become overjoyed and jubilant at the extra space which has seen rising levels of confidence and aplomb in everybody. We hope this to be a long and romantic union between the most rambunctious grouping of oddities and a marshmallowistical venue.

Alana At Club

The club has been gifted, graced and all-round fandabidosied with the presence of Alana Jones, Britain’s number one female tight wire act. She came to enthral and guide us in our not falling off the tight wire not so quickly skills. This was on 15th April 2011 at our venue at Rainham School for Girls. Several of our members took full advantage of this opportunity to shine and fell off with more grace than before. There was also a discussion on the subject of tightwire walking and its uses in everyday life.


There was an awesome happening of a kite day at Hillyfields with Kent Kite Flyers, kite making workshops and puppet making workshops. We had Magma the puppet walking on the tightwire and showing everybody else up. There were lots of things to do but we still had many people taking part in our workshop which overran the allotted time due to its ridiculous popularity. This was an opportunity to support Pat Cooper who runs a community group looking after the area. It was much better than the last time we supported her when we taught the baton twirlers to juggle, and then they gave us a show. That wasn’t such a great turnout for visitors with only a few attendants, whereas over 500 people attended this year’s event.

Summer Session Dates

We have managed to rebook our summer sessions for another year at Riverside Country Park on the 21st May and at Rochester Castle on 27th August. These have both been successful venues for attracting new weirdos into our circus fold. We hope to see lots of our regulars turn up to join in to help this day both manic and wonderful. We usually expect our regulars to provide slave labour for these events, but this year, have decided instead to use our regulars in a slave labour style. We hope for sunshine but aren’t fair weather jugglers (WE’RE HARDCORE) so will bring our snorkelling equipment just in case the skies open.

Swiftly Moving On

Hey everyone we have grown so large that we no longer fit! Come January, we will be functioning within the larger confines of the sports hall at Rainham School for Girls.

We have now been at the Millennium Centre for two years without any real concerns who we thank for their support. However, we have started to multiply in numbers at such a rate, that we are starting to resemble a rabbit colony. The obvious way to solve this was to move into a hall three times the size of our current venue, although at this rate we may need to consider renting out an air hanger in order to fit everybody in! The Millennium Centre has been a good venue, although we are taking the move positively as it will allow us to get more toys in one hall and have the space to fall off!

You will need to bring a pair of soft soled trainers or even plimsolls if you wish, as we are not allowed to wear shoes that have walked in from outdoors. The penalty will be playing in your socks (with your feet that is!)

So, lets look forward t our first date in the new hall on 21st January 2011 as its bound to be great with all that extra space. To help cover the higher prices of the new venue, we have had to raise the subs from two hundred pennies to £2.50! The good news is that we will be changing our times to 8PM to 10PM, which will allow more time to get back from work and well fed before throwing things in the air.

AGM bulletin, 28th Dec 2pm –4pm. Talk to us for more details if you want to come and join in.

New Oomph For Jugglez

The spring saw us progress into our fourth year of Jugglez, and with spring comes new oomph, and with Jugglez this is no exception. Our new vigor comes in the form of Sam becoming our new secretary, attaining the role from Steve, who has done a fantastic job in the three years he has held the position. Thanks Steve, eulogize the high five, good luck with your degree.

Welcome Sam to the family that is Jugglez, I’m sure you’ll fit in. Sam came to us about a year ago asking if she could get more involved with Jugglez, and it just so happened that Steve needed time off to study, so the timing was ideal. It all became official at our last AGM.

So if anyone has an interest in helping out with Jugglez please do ring and talk to one of the team, and I’m sure we can find something for you to do.

Support For Medway Women

In March this year we put on a workshop to support the International Women’s Day, which was facilitated within the dockyard, this was at no cost to the IWD, it was an opportunity to show our support for the occasion, and of cause it’s free publicity, not a lot of folks turned out for the workshop but we had a marvelous time none the less. Manjit (the event organizer) was very supportive of our cause and has now had our workshop two years running. All of the cakes went well with the tea and we all learnt 163 ways to cross stitch a cat. The event was a multicultural affair and they even let in the men with long hair and Josh!!! Thanks to all those members who came to help out.

Helping To Celebrate

We’ve had an opportunity this year to work with 5th Rainham North Guides which was a hoot for everyone mixed up in the affair. Everybody enjoyed the workshop, both guides and leaders. This was to celebrate the centenary of the Girl Guides. Sam participated in her first group workshop which was a good chance for her to practice the power of the raised hand.

We also got the chance to work with the scouts on St George’s day this year which was the 200th anniversary of Baden-Powell forming the scout movement. Again a riotous affair, it was the whole of the Medway scout movement all descending onto the Howard school, very busy.

Mr Caxton Himself

We would like to express gratitude to Al at Ubiqutees for his superb hand printed t-shirts, and we can whole heartedly recommend for unparalleled hand printed superior T-shirts. “Choose the best – Forget the rest”

New Funding

We have recently been awarded four thousand five hundred pounds from “A Better Medway” grants scheme, which is handed out by those lovely people down in Ashford at the Kent Community Foundation, and we are enormously grateful for all of their assistance.

This new lot of financial support will enable Jugglez to carry on offering somewhere for jugglers and like minded tossers of innumerable objects, to practice in a warm and comfortable environment.

In addition to the general running costs of Jugglez we have also purchased several new juggling clubs, which have replaced the ones that have been broken over time, some Chroma DX juggling balls, which are easier to keep under control and make the whole process a little bit more achievable. Talking of achievable things, the new Hula Hoops are a little bit weightier then the practice ones, making it easier to Hula, even for all those people at the Summer Session who said that they couldn’t do it.
We’ve purchased new balancing equipment in the form of a balancing board and a tightwire as well as a walking globe and very wobblely slack rope, so lots of things on which you can try and retain your equilibrium.

We also acquired new fire equipment, staffs, poi, devil sticks and clubs.

We’ve Made It!!!

Finally the website everyone has been waiting for…….

Wonder at the extravagant, no expense spared, production of random artistic talent and skill that is encompassed within Jugglez

We have orchestrated a collection of convivial entertainments for your perusal, from death defying spinning saucers of Doom to the elegant art of latex transformation and sculpture. Enjoy…..

Fancy A Date?

Roll up and join in the rambunctious and exuberant jollity of the unique (unless you know anywhere quite like it) club that is Jugglez. Join in the exclusive membership that applies to any flamboyant convivial extroverts, or lonely cordial introverts.

Feel free to hop along (or meander if that’s your thing) on a Friday night in the eventide when the moon is dangly, or the skies are darkened by the absence of lightage, until all is twinkly twinkly of the starlobes.

That’s 8.00pm to 10.00pm if you don’t speak fluent gibberish.

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